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Recent Projects

Recent Projects

Recent Projects

The installation of a brick driveway, walkway, patio, retaining wall or step way is sure to give your home the polished look that you have been looking for. Whether you chose to stay in your home and pass it down for generations or, are looking to sell. The addition of any of our provided services is sure to contribute greatly to your investment.

Movie Set Construction

Nothing special here, but just finished a 80s patio for the new TV series SkyMed, which will be on CBS, and CBC soon, a five year series, in Winnipeg.

New Custom Patios

We have been building patios for decades now!! Things have changed from materials to design and colors. The ideas and concepts from homes are getting more unique and customizable like never before. We have added custom coloring and new “broadway” tiles that have made a recent stir. See one of our latest jobs using this … Continue reading New Custom Patios

New Backyard Patios

Adding a new backyard patio can greatly improve the look and feel of any outdoor space. Soon enough you too can enjoy dining and lounging in a new space. When we think of all the colors and designs available, the ideas a homeowner can come up with are endless.

New Fire Pits

Its been no doubt that the addition of a new firepit is an understatement. New outdoor living areas have become the new trend as they bring together everyone even while practicing social distancing.

New Interlocking Paver Driveway

Interlocking pavers or patio stones are specifically designed to withstand heavy loads. A lot of the practices behind laying interlocking stones haven’t changed. The technology available is another question. From plastic spacers to underlayments, water drainage, as well as the home resale market, Finally friendly neighbor competition or curb appeal, have all caused the market … Continue reading New Interlocking Paver Driveway

Brick Patios

Our distinctive paving stone patio designs create real outside living spaces, so you’ll be able to relax, entertain, and enjoy beauty of your stone patio for years to come. Whenever you have a yard barbeque, host an event, or simply soak in the sunshine on a weekend afternoon, you will be surprised at the difference … Continue reading Brick Patios

Paving Stone Walkways

Paving stone walkway designs have been used for many years to add charm, class, and beauty to a number of the world’s finest homes. You can create the same designs by selecting from a variety of Barkman and/or Belgard products to enhance your home’s design and individual style. Adding a GB Stone Company paving stone sidewalk to your front … Continue reading Paving Stone Walkways

Interlocking Brick Driveways

At GB Stone Company, our high-quality interlocking brick driveways not only look nice, but are designed to withstand the heavy wear and tear of cars, trucks, trailers, and more – especially with the extreme temperatures in Winnipeg. It can be hard to pick the exact style a person wants for their home, but anything from traditional to … Continue reading Interlocking Brick Driveways