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Stone Steps

Stone Steps & Stairs

The addition of a Stone Step stairway that leads you to a beautiful garden, swimming pool, deck or a new patio can give a highly desired installation to your home. You can be assured that The GB Stone Company will help you every step of the way, to plan and implement your custom project to all your personal specifications. We provide many unique designs and materials for your consideration, assuring that you get the results you want.

Stone steps or stairways add beauty to any outdoor décor such as gardens, swimming pools, or patio areas that require stair access.  In addition to adding beauty and ambiance to your home, stone steps may also increase the resale value of your home and add to its appeal for potential buyers.

Stone Steps Built To Last

If you want to build a set of stairs from your home to your patio, to reach different levels of your garden or be able to step to your lawn from your patio, GB Stone Company can help you find the perfect design for you. To begin your stone stair way project, the material we use is completely up to you.

Stone Color & Style

From that point, our team of experts will help you choose the color and style that will best suite your home. Once the construction of your stairs are finished, you will be able to enjoy a new aspect of your lawn, patio or garden for years to come.

Stone Steps Winnipeg

We at GB Stone Company pride ourselves on the safety of our custom made stone stairs and steps, that are built by our own manufacturers. Stairs are one of GB Stones specialties, we take into account the uniqueness, design and build of every project. Every stair that we build are sloped just enough to allow water to drain off, preventing the water buildup that results in deterioration and patches of ice during the winter season. Be sure to check out some of our past Stone Step projects in the pictures provided below!

Your outdoor area should be a place where you can enjoy spending time with friends and family, or enjoy a quiet moment to yourself if you plan to do some gardening or other activity.  Everyone is unique with their own style and taste when it comes to their outdoor décor, and our company can accommodate a wide range of stair styles and designs that our customers can choose from.