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Interlocking Brick Driveways

At GB Stone Company, our high-quality interlocking brick driveways not only look nice, but are designed to withstand the heavy wear and tear of cars, trucks, trailers, and more – especially with the extreme temperatures in Winnipeg. It can be hard to pick the exact style a person wants for their home, but anything from traditional to contemporary can be done with interlocking brick. The bricks also come in a number of colors, sizes, and shapes. We have designed some pretty creative patios in the past, but also have been able to perfectly execute the classic look everyone knows and loves. It really is one of the most customizable ways to do a driveway.

Designed to provide a lifetime of performance and good looks in any climate, paving stone driveways are the right way to improve the exterior of your home while gaining a maximum return on your investment. Whether or not you intend to sell your home or pass it down for generations, a paving stone driveway from GB Stone Company will provide the quality and long-lasting results that you are looking for while increasing the value of your property. Satisfaction, as always, is guaranteed. Meeting deadlines is a top priority for us, and we will do what we can to exceed expectations for customers.

The benefits

The benefits from custom quality paving stones really are in the many design possibilities. Here at GB Stone Company, we recommend using paving stones on driveways in an interlocking pattern since this can be proven to be the most sturdy for vehicular traffic. Our trained, certified installers can quickly lay your driveway in under a week, with a full 5-year warranty, so you get your vehicle off the street and back into the garage.

For those who are environmentally friendly, interlocking brick driveways do a great job of using water runoff to help out the soil in surrounding areas. This also prevents erosion because the water does not just sit in one place. Couple that with being one of the most maintenance-free options out there, and the option to go with GB Stone Company for a brick driveway like this has a ton of advantages.