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Brick Walkways

Brick Walkways

A number of world-class houses have used paving stone brick walkway designs to improve the curbside appeal of their homes. These unique style walkways can add charm, class and beauty to anyone’s home and with a variety of designs you are bound to find one that will fit your home perfectly.  If you wish to create your custom walkway from an already existing design, we can provide you with plenty of Barkman and Belgard product to enhance your individual style. With an array of styles, textures and sizes we can find the perfect composite for your dream home.

The advantage of interlocking bricks is the small amount of movement which is critical during the thawing of our canadian springs. An essential limestone base is used to ensure there is proper drainage for any excess water.

Whether you wish to keep your home for years to come or looking to sell, our GB Stone interlocking brick walkway will dramatically transform the exterior to make your home the star of the neighborhood.   Ready to take on any kind of weather exposure, our walkways will withstand the extreme dry heat of the prairie summers to the freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall that are standard for a Winnipeg winter.

The most popular brick patterns for walkways include:

  • Aged Brick Pattern — Defined by old bricks, this pattern is often associated with rustic or historic homes. To create this pattern, you can use either salvaged or distressed bricks.
  • Bordered Herringbone Pattern — This pattern is commonly associated with upscale appearances and high-quality design. As the name suggests, it entails placing bricks in a herringbone pattern to increase the visual appeal of a walkway.
  • Curved Pattern — If you want to create a focal point in your garden, this is the most suitable pattern to use.
  • Mosaic Pattern — This pattern entails installing smaller bricks in random or symmetrical patterns. At the same time, you can use textured pebbles to add color to your walkway and increase its visual appeal. Compared to other types of brick walkways, mosaic pattern walkways generally require more time to install, which makes them more expensive.
  • Straight Pattern — Defined by a straight line of paving stones installed in a straight line in one direction, this is probably the most common walkway pattern. You can use this simple pattern to highlight other landscaping features such as gardens.

Custom Brick Walkways

GB Stone Company has experience with a number of custom brick walkway projects that range from the largest to the most precise of endeavors. Our professional landscaping team are prepared for any situation that is presented to them. That is why they provide on sight custom brick cutting, to insure the shape of your new brick walkway is correct. If you would like to showcase your garden, promote the outside of your home or just have a practical and sturdy walkway, GB Stone will see to all of your needs. To get inspiration for your next home improvement venture, please see some of our results from previous projects.