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New Interlocking Paver Driveway

Interlocking pavers or patio stones are specifically designed to withstand heavy loads. A lot of the practices behind laying interlocking stones haven’t changed. The technology available is another question. From plastic spacers to underlayments, water drainage, as well as the home resale market, Finally friendly neighbor competition or curb appeal, have all caused the market to excel.

GB Stone Company installs a layer of gravel for drainage. Sand for leveling. Finally hours of labor, This is what keeps stones from shifting due to settling, shifting, or water erosion.

Interlock driveways are often a thought when imagining curb appeal. Very clean look which can be customized as is easier to repair than a concrete pad. Labour is the real cost as we hand-install every stone, brick, or pavers.


2 of the biggest benefits of interlocking stone are customization and longevity. With so many options if you’re going for contemporary or super modern we can help.

Why integrate projects with GB Stone Company?

What makes GB Stone Company different is that they can work directly with a customer to get the exact look, at the right price, they are looking for. It all starts with an idea in the beginning. Planning out the entire look might seem daunting to some, but it is something the experts at GB Stone Company can help with along the way. Feedback is always available if customers are looking for it.