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Paving Stone Walkways

Paving stone walkway designs have been used for many years to add charm, class, and beauty to a number of the world’s finest homes. You can create the same designs by selecting from a variety of Barkman and/or Belgard products to enhance your home’s design and individual style. Adding a GB Stone Company paving stone sidewalk to your front landscape is an ideal way to improve your home’s curb appeal while increasing its overall value quickly and affordably.

Whether you are preparing your home for sale or settling in for the next 25 years, a GB Stone Company interlocking stone walkway will dramatically transform your home’s exterior to make it the star of the neighbourhood. Our interlocking walkway pavers will stand up to all kinds of weather exposure, from the extreme dry heat of the prairie summers to the freezing temperatures and heavy snowfalls of our cold Winnipeg winters.

Some of the main benefits of stone pavers include:

  • Wide variety – These pavers typically come in many different sizes, shapes and colors. Because of this, you can customize your walkway to suit your style and taste. For instance, instead of having your home blend in with its surroundings, you can make it stand out with a stunning walkway design, which you can easily create with these pavers.
  • Relatively affordable — You likely have a budget for your walkway. One of the main benefits of these types of pavers is they are relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to other types of paving materials, such as concrete pavers. Simply put, these pavers will not only allow you to install a magnificent walkway, but also save money.
  • Low maintenance — In addition to being relatively inexpensive, these pavers also require little maintenance. In fact, in most case, they only require regular cleaning with a soft nylon brush and water. However, despite being low maintenance pavers, they are strong and durable, which means if your walkway is properly installed, it can handle heavy foot traffic without cracking or chipping.
  • Age well — Thanks to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation and the elements, stone pavers generally age graciously, becoming even more attractive over time. In contrast, UV rays and the elements tend to degrade most other paving materials over time.